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It was judgement day at Romance HQ, as they like to call it at Mills and Boon Towers.

I tried but I did not conquer it.

I feel bit like I’m not sure what to do now except sulk whilst listening to some Take That and eating ice cream. Can you find a therapeutic episode of Ghost Whisperer when you need it? Hell no. Well all the best to the other people still in the competition. There were over 800 entries so to be in the last ten is impressive. Some of the top ten first chapters are very engaging and you can still follow the competition here. I may continue to follow it or I may continue to churlishly sulk, I will decide…..

So looks like my options are these:

 I can continue to try to grasp for the dream by picking myself up and dusting myself off like a true M&B heroine, persistently battling against the odds;


I can carry on sulking and focus on dealing with the people who call up my work and want to talk about the local farmer committing bunny genocide and Portuguese Lynx (can you believe it was unmuzzled!?) being walked on leads in their local parks whilst scanning the council intranet notice boards for some cheap cat hyperthyroidism tablets to end it all with.

 I wish none of that stuff happened at work but that is what you get when you work for a council. People even sell their toilet roll holders on the notice board (yes I said sell not give away). And you seriously get people who think the council is like another emergency service and call you because an octogenarian just tried to run them over with a mobility scooter. Now perhaps I’ve given you a greater insight into my everyday world you understand the importance of the project, Escape with M&B.

So I’ll probably be going with option one and I’ll be back again soon with some more M&B related dross : )

p.s thanks to anyone and everyone who took a look at the M&B!