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Hello, welcome to my blog! I’m Rose Roberts and this blog is about nothing  and everything, basically just observations and thoughts about things that happen in my day to day life, alongside a progress report of my current projects. To set the scene, I have a fairly interesting job for a council, I like to drink sparkling Perry by the name of ‘Pink Lady’ of an evening (even on school nights: rock and roll) and my aspiration (or confession depending on your point of view) in life is to be a successful Mills and Boon writer. I live in hope!

This week has been unproductive so far. I’m supposed to be setting time aside to write chapter 1 of my submission for a new Mills and Boon (M&B as I like to call it) ‘new voices’ competition but I keep getting distracted. I can’t help but love watching Ghost Whisperer when I’m supposed to be writing. I would love to be a psychic; I’m fascinated by it. One of my friends has been told he is ’sensitive’ but I’m not really sure what that means; it is no secret that he is gay. We once went on a ghost hunt with the man from Most Haunted (for those of you on the same wavelength: Phil Wyman!!), I really embarrassed myself by throwing a MASSIVE tantrum at 4am after my friend said he’d just seen the ghost of a little girl run past us at the top of the stairs we were sitting on. I really couldn’t have moved faster if I’d tried. By way of an aside, my friend and I are both still convinced Phil Wyman was flirting with us both whilst sat holding what ghosty people like Yvette Fielding call a ‘vigil’ on a medieval torture rack – it was surreal even at the time.

Back to being distracted (you see!?) by Ghost Whisperer, I also can’t help but turn on re-runs of Vicar of Dibley. I know everyone hates it but I think it is awesome: Richard Curtis is my hero. The main reason I like Vicar of Dibley is because my mum is actually a real life Mrs Cropley, in a culinary sense anyway. I went round to my parent’s house for dinner not so long ago and couldn’t help but ask for confirmation of what I was eating; the complex flavour combinations were quite difficult to pin down when all placed together. On my plate was:

1 x portion of Ainsley Harriot’s cous cous of a sundried tomato/roasted vegetable variety

½ x portion of Batchelor’s supernoodles in a barbeque sauce

1 x portion of peas, boiled

1 x portion of Swedish beef meatballs covered in chip shop style curry sauce

I personally thought it was an eclectic juxtaposition and very creative; worthy of entry into Masterchef any day.  I do wish they’d have an anti-Masterchef for people that have a more innovative approach to cooking, but not in a show- offy (albeit very clever)Heston Blumenthal sort of way. It would be much more entertaining than watching week after week of smug people churning out jus after foam after coulis.  

Anyway, I’m hoping to re-work an M&B story I started years ago: The Battle for Love. I know that is a really lame title but apparently the marketing people always change them anyway. Feel free to make alternative suggestions! The basic premise of the story is about a young woman struggling to deal with the ghosts of her past and present when the potential ghost of her future strides into her life with the grace of a panther. I better just say now that I stole that last ‘grace of a panther’ bit from another M&B story I read years ago. I don’t mind admitting I’m under 30 (you probably took a guess already at the fact that I’m a woman although apparently there is a man who writes M&B under a female pen-name –what a legend!!! On second thoughts I’ve heard Alan Titchmarsh writes romance fiction – what if it is him??!!!!) and have been reading these books since I was a teenager. It was probably Penny Jordan, the ‘Don’, or whatever the female equivalent is – perhaps doyenne (?), of the Mills and Boon world who first coined the panther phrase.

Well I think that is enough for now…more soon about The Battle for Love….and other stuff….